Do you dream of your youthful, pre-baby pelvic floor?

*Do you miss being able to jump, laugh, and sneeze without peeing yourself? Read on!

Meet your new best mate.

Original Downunder Trainer

Strengthening and toning your pelvic floor won't make you look better in a bikini, but it keeps your uterus where it belongs and prevents urinary leakage. How does a pelvic floor weaken, you ask? It’s not just from pushing something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon (though this is definitely a major factor). The pelvic floor muscles, like all muscles, weaken with age, obesity, and gravity. Let’s keep all those parts up and in your body and doing their jobs. Not only is the Downunder Trainer doctor recommended, but it’s also mother, friend, and husband recommended.

Sold out

Meet the V-Boss

Hello, friend! I consider myself somewhat of a downunder expert after talking to thousands of women about their pelvic floor issues every year. Gynecologist? Nope! Delivery room nurse? Nope! Ok but really… I own a specialty waxing business and spend my days chatting with friends and sharing wisdom in the cozy and slightly painful confines of an 8×12 room. They enter as terrified, hairy strangers and leave as smooth, confident friends.

Creating Downunder There and the Downunder Trainer was a dream birthed in my Downunder Waxing room as a way to help women beyond their waxing needs and move to a solution for their leaking, tired, sad, dry downunders. How could I really take on the title V-Boss if all of these needs remain unmet?

Improving and loving yourself in one area of your life naturally spills over to confidence in other areas. Your partner feels he is causing more satisfaction…winning! The stress release and euphoria from having more satisfaction…winning! The savings from incontinence pads and panty liners…winning! The vacation planned from the money saved..winning!

step 1

Give your Downunder Trainer a wash in soap and warm water before and after use. Oh, and be sure there is no damage or that the dog hasn't come across a new chew toy.

step 2

Hitch a leg and don't be stingy with the water-based lubricant. Slide the trainer into place, like a larger, rounder, more colorful tampon. Be sure to leave the ripcord out for later removal -- or an emergency exit.

step 3

Contract to keep it in place. Start with 15 mins around the house so you don’t scare the checker as it rolls down the aisle. Before you know it you will be skipping, sneezing, and farting with confidence.

Experts say

Dr. Raphael Allred

Medical Doctor | Author | Public Speaker

"No woman feels sexy if she is leaking urine. Unfortunately almost 50 percent of women have some sort of pelvic floor disorder, including urinary or fecal incontinence or organ prolapse. Pelvic floor weights are my favorite recommendation for these disorders to help women avoid surgeries and improve quality of life. Whether you are a 20-year-old who just had a baby, a 45-year-old who had multiple children, an athlete in a high impact sport, a woman in menopause, pelvic floor weights are an excellent tool for you."

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